Dr. Heather Fay

Heather Fay, M.D. | Integrated Healing Approach | image from http://www.drpulos.com Dr. Heather Fay, M.D., graduated in medicine in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1973. While working as a family doctor, she trained in many complementary fields and used them in her practices in Scotland, the Middle East and western Canada, being certified in clinical hypnosis and in medical acupuncture. The medical acupuncture training, by Dr. Steven Aung, at the University of Alberta, was followed by further training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and medical acupuncture in Beijing.

Dr. Fay works with patients who are interested in looking at the mind - body - spirit connection in relation to acute and chronic illness, stress, cancer, injury or pain. By integrating eastern and western disciplines, the patient is helped to access the deep root issues that may have contributed to the current condition.

Dr. Fay has personal experience with cancer that equips her to coach and support patients going through the cancer experience and beyond. By incorporating complementery modalities, the quality of life is improved and this often results in increased quantity of life.

Energy psychology techniques are fast and effective methods using acupuncture points, without needles, which may clear phobias, reduce negative and stressful feelings and change the physical symptoms that have developed.

$185 - 1 hour appointment

Note: Unfortunately, services are not covered by MSP

Reading +

Peace, Love and Healing (Bernie Siegel, M.D.)

Molecules of Emotion (Candace Pert, Ph.D.)

Bridging Science and Spirit (Norman Friedman)

Quantum Healing (Deepak Chopra, M.D.)

The Wisdom of Forgiveness (Dalai lama and Victor Chan)

CD set, "Biology of Empowerment" (Lee Pulos, Ph.D)

Video and workbook, "Healing Journey" (Alastair Cunningham, Ph.D.)